Sankofa Counseling Services

We do not view counseling as a process dealing with diagnoses and symptoms. We utilize insight and action oriented approaches to support increased understanding of and empathy towards yourself, while also working to implement realistic changes that lead to increased quality of life and relationships. We work to collaborate with the entire person that enters our office and honor each of these aspects while working towards increased authenticity and congruence of self. We have experience working with, and have received training and continued education for Anxiety and Panic related disorders, Individual and Family transitions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex and Developmental Trauma, Depression, Intrusive Symptoms, and Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. We work largely with clients around identity challenges, specifically with sexual, gender and racial minority populations struggling with acculturation and healthy adjustment.

Parenting and Family

At Sankofa, we view all interactions between parents/caregivers and children as an interplay between attachment (relationship), environment and biology. Therefore, parenting and family based coaching includes education and intervention in each of these areas. Vanessa recently completed a Foster/Adoptive Family Therapy certification program through Portland State University, with training specific to various family dynamics, the impact of attachment and trauma/traumatic events on family-functioning and behaviors, and evidenced based interventions for responding to various family-based injuries