It Takes A Village

Health Doesn’t Occur in a Vacuum

I believe in the collective nature of our health. Change is not one-dimensional and therefore should not be treated as such. I endorse a model of wellness, where I understand that your triumphs and difficulties often may involve the intersection of several communities.

My vision for our shared community is that we each lean in where possible, combining our strengths and skillsets, engaging the world where we are able. Societal change is only possible when we actively engage it.

Community Education – General Information

“Consciousness precedes being: consciousness, yours and mine, can form, deform, or reform our world. Our complicity in world making is a source of awesome and sometimes painful responsibility – and a source of profound hope for change. It is the ground of our common call to leadership.” – Parker J. Palmer

A large value I have is around community engagement and collaboration. I hold a multi-systemic view of mental health; I believe that our social services, justice and education systems (to name a few) all hold a stake in the pursuit of the mental health and stability of our communities.

I have partnered with Child Protective Services, Portland Public and Alternative Schools, Community Partners, and Portland area Colleges & Universities providing program and agency training on a wide variety of trauma-based topics including: how trauma shows up in the classroom, psychoeducation & skills training around engaging individuals with mental illness, evidenced-based and trauma informed teaching strategies, the impact of trauma on health and wellness, development and learning, as well as topics around intentional support of helpers, educators and health care workers in preventing burnout and/or responding to vicarious trauma.

I integrate cultural and socio-economic influences as they pertain to and impact the presence of trauma, intervention, healing and recovery on an individual, communal and agency level. Often when working with communities impacted by complex or societal based trauma, we are working with intersectionality of several systems, each with their own oppression/privilege dynamics. Therefore, my presentations also include information and training around providing equitable services, common challenges when working cross culturally, addressing power dynamics as they pertain to service providers, etc.

Community Education: Support For Providers

Sankofa Counseling is committed to engaging the community and supporting the very powerful resources found in our community systems – education, juvenile justice, early childhood education, community partners, first responders, healthcare providers, etc.

Often, the very professionals that are facing/responding to a crisis or working directly with an individual impacted by trauma or mental illness, do not receive adequate or appropriate training on how to deescalate or respond in a trauma-informed manner, often leading to worsened conditions or harmful interventions. Additionally, our crisis responders (CPS workers, teachers, police, etc.) are constantly driven by the needs of the pressing moment, that intentionality around individual health and wellness often becomes placed on the backburner, leaving workers and entire systems of care experiencing secondary trauma symptoms, burnout and high turnover.

It can be daunting to move from a crisis-driven framework to an intentional, trauma-informed framework; it doesn’t have to be! Many strategies discussed and practiced begin simply with shifting our lens of understanding and increasing awareness. Interventions taught will range from immediately implementable to intentionally planned and rolled out.

Training Rates

I offer both one time workshop-style (1.5 – 4 hours), or ongoing, series-style training’s (1-1.5 hours over the course of several weeks or months) to accommodate the wide variety of scheduling needs for our community educators and providers.

Professional training is focused on the needs you are facing; rates include an initial meeting to review your needs and goals, challenges you are facing, and ways that Sankofa Counseling can support your team, agency or organization in increasing awareness, commitment and ability to engage in trauma prevention, trauma informed response, and/or trauma informed care for helpers.

All workshops and training’s include a preparation fee of $200

**Sliding scale rates are available for workshops and training, based upon need.

All training’s include: electronic training materials, engagement materials and follow up support. This support can look a variety of ways and will be tailored to your needs: follow up meetings (built into contract), specific employee engagement around agency and individual goals, phone call consultation support, implementation support, etc.

If you are interested in receiving a formal, evidenced-based assessment, including observed strengths/growth areas, potential interventions, clinical recommendations, and/or ongoing consultation as you implement trauma-informed strategies, please contact me to discuss the needs you have and the timeline you are aiming for, and for fee information. This service is offered based upon availability and whether my areas of expertise are a clinical fit for your needs.