Meet Vanessa

Hello! I’m a relational gal – while I love talking human development, I moreso approach counseling as a relational process, where we work together on mutually defined goals. I don’t view counseling, nor life in general, through a lens of “healthy” or “ill” – life is a heck of a lot more complicated than that! Personally, I view life holistically and systemically, believing in the interconnectedness of each of our experiences. My own journey and continuous development as a woman, a mother, a life partner and a biracial individual are all integral aspects of who I am and impact how I view the beautiful complexities and paradoxes of our shared human experience (aka, LIFE).

I aim to be real, authentic and open as we explore your goals and develop a path towards reaching them; I recognize the very personal and beneficial resources of culture, family, religion, sexuality, friendship, etc. within this process and incorporate these whenever possible. I approach counseling as a dynamic and flexible process; I strive to live intentionally and powerfully in all that I am, just as we work to support your journey of discovery, integration and growth in a way that supports you living life inclusive of all that you are, powerfully.

I incorporate psychoeducation with therapy, providing evidence based research around generational & immediate impacts of attachment styles, biological neurodevelopment (nature), familial based trauma and familial based healing (nurture). Increasing your awareness and understanding of societal (environmental) impacts on mental health/illness and stability are also integrated into the therapeutic process when appropriate.

I completed a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from George Fox University in 2011; I also hold an Bachelors degree in Psychology and Spanish. I also have completed post-graduate certificates in Clinical Supervision and Foster and Adoptive Family Therapy, both from Portland State University.

Outside of my professional passions and areas of clinical focus, if you catch me in my personal element, I’ll be exploring – hiking, going for a run, escaping the rain when possible; or mothering/partnering – chauffeuring around sporting events, sneaking veggies into my son’s meals, sneaking a nap 🙂

I’m looking forward to meeting you and journeying for a time, together.